Pair of Bald Eagles

This rock with the pair of eagles is actually right in front of the Bungalow not far from the bulkhead – seawall. It’s not unusual to see bald eagles along the shore or up in large tree to the north of the Bungalow.

No binoculars needed to spy these big beauties!


The Mountains are Out

I’m not sure if this just is a local saying… when the Olympics are in view, it’s not unusual to hear “the mountains are out”.

Although I have lived in the greater Seattle area most of my life, it kind of makes me giggle when I hear “the mountains are out”… as if they go away when they are not in view. This saying is not limited to the Olympics, which you can see from the Bungalow when “the mountains are out”, we also say this when we can see Mount Rainier, Mount Baker or even the Cascades.

Here are a couple more photos of the Olympics from the Puget Sound side of the Bungalow.


This surreal photo was taken just the other day.

Boats and wildlife are also part of the scene!

NOTE: You cannot view Mount Rainier from the Bungalow, however a short walk (or drive) to Constellation Park towards Alki Point will permit you to see this majestic mountain… if it’s out!

The bedrooms at the Bungalow have at least view of Puget Sound, as does the living room area. It’s really just a great spot to hang out and enjoy the views. Book your stay at Beach Drive Bungalow today!

Look what landed next door!

Yesterday morning, we saw an unusual sight. A Bald Eagle perched on the fence directly next door to the Bungalow!

It is not at all unusual to hear or see Bald Eagles as they really enjoy to hang out at a tall tree a couple houses to the north of Beach Drive Bungalow. If you hear a constant chirp, typically in the morning, you could venture out to the bulkhead and most likely see one or two eagles in the tree. However, this is the first time we have ever seen one sitting on a fence so close to home. The “AYC Alki Yacht Club” life ring is a part of Beach Drive Bungalow’s property.

Where to rent kayaks, paddle boards and bikes in West Seattle

Being located on the Puget Sound, there are plenty of scenic activities available for your enjoyment while staying at Beach Drive Bungalow. Here are a few places that offer rentals and tours:

Alki Kayak Tours with rentals for kayaks, stand up paddle boards, inline skates, bikes and skateboards (long boards). West Seattle Location: 1660 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126 • (206) 953-0237 |

Be sure to grab a bite at Marination Ma Kai, located next door to Alki Kayak Tours.

Mountain to Sound Outfitters has kayaks, stand up paddle boards and skateboards for rent during the summer at 55th and Alki Avenue.  Monday-Sunday | 12:00pm – 6:00pm.  Weather Dependent, Call 206-935-7669.

Wheel Fun Rentals offers various types of bikes and surreys for rentals at 2530 Alki Avenue SW.

Alki Bike and Board has various types of bikes for rent. (I’m checking with them and will update this post once I find out if they rent on somewhere on Alki or if you have to go to their North Admiral location on California).

PS: Although Beach Drive Bungalow is waterfront and located on Puget Sound, it does not have beach access due to the seawall/bulkhead. The Bungalow is located a couple blocks away from public parks with access to the sound.



The “back yard” of the Bungalow.

Fun things to do with kids in West Seattle

We recently had a guest ask us for suggestions for things to do with their kids. I believe their children are around 7 to 8 years old. There are lots of fun things to do around the Bungalow, West Seattle and beyond.

Starting with the Bungalow… we have several board games, books and a foosball table for our younger guest to enjoy. You’ll also find binoculars along with a binder pointing out various sights.

There are several waterfront parks nearby. Lincoln Park is one of my favorites for easy hikes and has two brand new play grounds. Lincoln Park also has Colman Pool,  a heated salt-water swimming pool that’s open during the warmer months.

Just to the north of the Bungalow is Mee Kwa Mooks park.  Low tides offer plenty of opportunities to explore local sea life if the tide pools. Often times, the Seattle Aquarium will host guided tours of the low tides. The “South Alki” naturalist tour meets at Beach Drive and 63rd Avenue SW at the Charles Richey Sr park.


Continue traveling north towards Alki Point and you’ll see the Alki Point Light House. The Light House is open for tours during weekends over the summer months.

Keep along the water and you’ll find yourself at Alki Beach.

This stretch of sandy beach offers restaurants, shops and has a place where you can rent bikes. Wheel Fun Rentals even has a surrey that can fit a family of four.

There several nearby ferry routes. From West Seattle you can catch the Fauntleroy Ferry to Vashon Island for a fun day trip or board the walk-on ferry that will take you to down town Seattle (near the Pioneer district and the stadiums).

During the summer, there are often events at Alki or in the Junction (around California Avenue SW). Be sure to check out our events page for more info.

This is just a few ideas for fun things to do with children around West Seattle when you’re staying at Beach Drive Bungalow.

Winter at Beach Drive Bungalow

It’s hard to believe that just six days ago (last Monday), we had several inches of snow at the bungalow!


We had windy weather on Thursday and Friday, after all the snow had melted. Friday it was so windy that we had spectacular spray over the bulkhead. It was just strong enough to put on a great show and our built in pump was able to handle the water that came over the bulkhead. We never had to fire up our other pumps.
This morning, as I write this post (9:11 am), we’re in the low 30s with temps predicted to hit a balmy 50 degrees. It’s going to be nice enough for a walk up to the West Seattle Farmer’s Market in the Junction. 🙂 We actually have three sunny days in the forecast with temps up to almost 60 on Tuesday! Of course, this will be followed by a couple days of rain. Afterall, this is winter in Seattle!