As the story goes…

This home looked quite a bit different when it was originally built in 1926.  IMAG1324
As the story goes, this home was built to live in while the main home, a white Mediterranean two story home, was under construction. The Mediterranean home, which was built in 1928, has not seen the same dramatic changes to it’s exterior as the “Beach Drive Bungalow” has over the years.

We have lived in the property next door for just over 10 years and have heard many stories about these two homes. We’ve been told that both homes were originally built by a ship captain. When I look at this historic photo with the port hole windows, I believe it! The home is also very boat-like with lots of cubby-styled storage and the small downstairs bathroom feels like a ship’s head (bathroom on a boat).

Over the years, the home has been added onto from just about every side possible.


In this photo, you can see a small portion of our home’s tile roof, set back behind the bungalow. Our two properties were together until they were separated in the 40’s. The white two story home actually has a driveway that curves through the bungalow’s lot to their garage and carport. The other white house with the chimney to the right is the grey cape-cod style home two houses own from the bungalow. The fence in the front yard in this picture has been replaced with a hedge.

We purchased the bungalow in December 2015 and are happy to finally have the properties “reunited” together again. We’re enjoying sprucing up the bungalow…who knows, maybe she’ll have port hole windows once again!


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