Nearby Grocery Stores

There are several grocery stores that you can choose from in West Seattle.

Probably the one that frequent the most is Metropolitan Market. It’s a beautiful store with higher end products and does tend to be more expensive than other grocery stores in West Seattle. It’s not unusual to see a bus parked outside packing tourist, typically from Asia, to check out the store! If you like cheese, wine or want to grab a meal to go, check out Metropolitan Market.

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Metropolitan Market is located at 2320 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 off of Admrial Way. It is about 2.5 miles away from the bungalow.

There is a Safeway Grocery Store located across the street from Metropolitan Market. It’s literally on the other side of Admiral Way. This is a newer and larger Safeway and is also pretty nice. It is also 2.5 miles away from the bungalow and is located at 2622 California Ave SW, Seattle.

There is another Safeway located at “Jefferson Square” which is older (and not as nice, in my opinion) as the one on California.

West Seattle Thriftway is located at 4201 SW Morgan Street, Seattle. This store is located in the “Morgan Junction” south down California Street. I’ll admit, I shop here a lot too!  They have a good selection of meats, cheeses and wine and fresh produce.

PCC is an organic grocery store located at 2749 California Ave. S.W., Seattle. They now offer free delivery when you use your Amazon Prime account.

Trader Joes has many of their own brands, typically at a discount and with a fun spirit. 4545 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle.

West Seattle Produce is an open market offering an assortment of fresh produce. They’re across the way from Trader Joes, located at 4722 Faunterloy Way SW, Seattle.

Specialty shops…

Seattle Fish Company offers the freshest fish in West Seattle and offer a selection of wines. Seattle Fish Company is also a restaurant with fantastic fish and chips.  Seattle Fish Company is located at 4435 California Ave SW, Seattle.

The Swinery is a butcher AND offers incredible salami’s and  sandwiches too. Located at 3207 California Ave SW, Seattle.

Last but not least…

West Seattle Farmers Market every Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm, the West Seattle Farmers Market takes over a section of California Avenue. I recommend checking out the market and all the vendors have to offer. Many of the restaurants along California are open for Brunch.  We’ll have to do a post about great brunch spots in West Seattle in the near future!

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