Scope it out… north

In case you’re wondering what landmarks are lying out in front of the bungalow’s seawall, here’s a brief description from north to south.


The strip of park you see just a few houses up the shoreline is named Emma Schmitz Memorial Viewpoint. Pioneers Emma & Ferdinand Schmitz built their homestead mansion named San Souci just across the street from the lower walkway in what’s now called Mee Kwa Mooks Park. The Schmitz used to launch their yacht named the San Souci II on rails just off the beach. You can still see the concrete footings to the day.


If you lean over the seawall and follow the shoreline to the right for about a mile, you’ll see the Alki Pt lighthouse which was established in 1913 to replace a kerosene lantern that was mounted on a post. The lighthouse marks the southern point of Elliot Bay which serves Seattle waterfront & shipping. Want to tour it? The Coast Guard Auxiliary typically conducts tours during the weekends starting on Memorial Day until sometime late in the summer. Please contact the Alki Lighthouse Project Officer at if you have any questions.


Looking straight up Puget Sound is the route to Admiralty Inlet, Jaun de Fuca Straits and then west out to the Pacific Ocean. Notable towns and landmarks along the way on the east side are the cities of Edmonds and Everett as well as the 4th largest island (55 miles long) in the lower 48 named Whidby Is. On the west side of this passage are the peninsula towns of Kingston and historic Port Townsend who’s proud slogan is “We’re all here because we’re not all there!”

Looking up the sound on the other side of the water is 10 mile long Bainbridge Island. You’ll see the regular Seattle-Winslow ferry run pull in & out of Eagle Harbor around mid island. The other ferry route you’ll notice is the Seattle-Bremerton run that sails around the south end of Bainbridge through Rich Passage terminating near the naval shipyard in Bremerton. It’s not too uncommon to see aircraft carriers or subs using the same route. The SW end of the island (near Restoration Pt) is where the most filthy rich Seattlittes built their mansions back in the 20’s. The exclusive gated plat features a 9 hole waterfront golf course and a homeowner’s restriction that no property is allowed to have a mortgage lien!

Bainbridge is the actual island that the acclaimed movie Snow Falling on Cedars was based on.  Much of the Japanese community prior to WWII originated from working at the lumber mill located in Blakley Harbor. From the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s, the Port Blakley Mill Company along with Hall Brothers Shipbuilders were considered to be the largest lumber producer in the world. Several ethnic based communities were built along the small harbor providing labor and support for the mill. They even fielded their own baseball club that played other large scaled Puget Sound area mills. When the wind really starts picking up in early Fall, I’ll pull anchor & sail sv Pointless over to Blakley Harbor for cover from the south westerlies.



Part 2 covers the west…

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