West Seattle Garage Sale Treasures

This past Saturday was the annual West Seattle Garage Sale. This year, because the Bungalow was available and there was a chance of rain, I decided to use the carport for our sale. The weather wasn’t the best (not terrible but not great) and there were not a lot of sales registered on Beach Drive… I think I made about $22! 🙂

There are other things from the West Seattle Community Garage Sale that I treasure far beyond money, including…

Spending time with my Mom. This is the second year that we have done the garage sale. I never know until the last minute if we’re going to participate… my Mom has been there both years to help out and bring some of her goods to sell too. It’s fun to hang out with her – I enjoy watching her engaging her sales skills with possible buyers of our stuff.

Showing neighbors who were interested in booking the bungalow…and…they may want to have their wedding ceremony at the seawall! Pretty awesome to be a small part of an important moment in peoples lives… as they were walking out of the home, another group were waiting in the carport.

Reuniting the Bungalow with the grandchildren of a past owner. What a coincidence to have this group of adult “grandchildren” who spent many of their years in this home show up during the garage sale day. They shared memories and promise to send pictures and guess what, one of them was also married at the seawall (bulkhead).

Saturday was the best $22 I have ever earned!

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