Winter at Beach Drive Bungalow

It’s hard to believe that just six days ago (last Monday), we had several inches of snow at the bungalow!


We had windy weather on Thursday and Friday, after all the snow had melted. Friday it was so windy that we had spectacular spray over the bulkhead. It was just strong enough to put on a great show and our built in pump was able to handle the water that came over the bulkhead. We never had to fire up our other pumps.
This morning, as I write this post (9:11 am), we’re in the low 30s with temps predicted to hit a balmy 50 degrees. It’s going to be nice enough for a walk up to the West Seattle Farmer’s Market in the Junction. 🙂 We actually have three sunny days in the forecast with temps up to almost 60 on Tuesday! Of course, this will be followed by a couple days of rain. Afterall, this is winter in Seattle!

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