Bye Bye Beach Drive Bungalow

moonset_looking_back_at_houseWe thank all of our wonderful guest who stayed at the Bungalow over our short few years. Overall, we enjoyed our time as hosts at our beach home and have many wonderful memories that we will treasure.

Although we have reached out to HomeAway/VRBO/Expedia, AirBnB, Washington State Department of Ecology and, of course, the Seattle City Council – there still seems to be no progress with allowing waterfront homes to operate as vacation rentals in Seattle. The Council has delayed the process again with licensing – however, it’s still very uncertain.

This is from my last email with Margaret Glowacki, Sr. Land Use Planner with the City of Seattle:

“Thank you for your questions regarding short-term rentals in Seattle’s Shoreline District, which is the land within 200-ft of the water and the area both in and over water. SDCI has begun the process of our required Periodic Review of our Shoreline Master Program (SMP) regulations. We do not have a set timeline at this point, but I hope to have regulations over to the Mayor’s office for their review later this summer. We continue to evaluate possible changes to the SMP regulations. As such, we haven’t made any determination on changes, including the changes you highlight regarding short-term rental use, and where it might be allowed. Additionally, Seattle purposely considers this type of use a lodging use in the Shoreline District. 

The SMP regulations are an important part of state and local laws. These regulations are mandated by the State’s Shoreline Management Act (SMA) and the regulations are implemented through SMPs at the local level. The main goals of the SMA and SMP are to provide for areas of our shorelines to be used for water dependent uses and for areas to be used for public access and to protect the aquatic environment. As you can imagine providing for these three main goals can be challenging because of the potential conflicts, particularly in an urbanized environment. Our shorelines are a finite resource and the state and local jurisdictions including Seattle, are responsible for their protection.”

We are fortunate that a friend of ours has asked to buy the home. We actually met because she also has a Flat Coated Retriever, like our Hitch. We feel lucky, especially considering how close our homes are, that we have a nice neighbor. We joke that we now have a “Flat Coat Compound”.  We are also in the process of selling a lot of the furnishings that were in the Bungalow.

2019-04-28 18.04.58

Hopefully the City of Seattle can figure this out for other waterfront vacation rentals. I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of faith in our current elected officials.

Again, a big heartfelt thank you to our many wonderful guest at Beach Drive Bungalow.

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