More Art for the Bungalow

My hubby and I have really enjoyed working on Bungalow. It’s been so much fun to continue to add to the home. Recently we splurged on a new chandelier from local West Seattle artist, Russ Morgan.

Russ uses upcycled glass that he collects to create his unique and amazing pieces.

He also created the “fish” light that hangs over the dining room table.


Check out more of Russ Morgan’s beautiful works of art here

Blue Heron and the Kingfisher

This Blue Heron is sitting just two houses down from the seawall of Beach Drive Bungalow. heron on fence
His timing is perfect as I’m in the middle of a painting that will be hung at the Bungalow that features a heron on a davit.

Just a couple days ago, a Kingfisher was perched on the fence next door to the where the Heron is today.

I was pretty close to painting a Kingfisher instead of a Heron… a lot had to do with the size of the painting…which, as you can see, is still in progress! We have some sunny days ahead where I should be able to finish the Olympics in the background.

2016-05-29 13.16.40