The Downstairs Bathroom

We have just finished the with the downstairs bathroom remodel. Check out the floor to ceiling mosaic tiles, rope mirror, nautical lighting and the penny floor!

2016-05-23 13.45.44

The design in the penny floor is the logo for the Alki Yacht Club aka AYC

2016-05-23 15.37.57

Of course the bathroom is stocked with super soft Turkish towels.

It’s a sight to behold! 🙂  …not to mention the glow in the dark toilet seat.

The next time you book your stay with us at the Beach Drive Bungalow, we invite you to have a seat!

Our Doors Are Open!

It’s official! Our doors are open. We are accepting reservations to stay at Beach Drive Bungalow.


We are still putting on some finishing touches. Yesterday my hubby was polishing up the front door. The home literally had an open door for most of yesterday.

If you or someone you know is planning a trip to Seattle, we hope you’ll remember us. Why stay in hotel downtown Seattle when you can stay in a private waterfront home just a few miles away?

Click on the link to the right for more information about renting this home or to request a reservation.