The Mountains are Out

I’m not sure if this just is a local saying… when the Olympics are in view, it’s not unusual to hear “the mountains are out”.

Although I have lived in the greater Seattle area most of my life, it kind of makes me giggle when I hear “the mountains are out”… as if they go away when they are not in view. This saying is not limited to the Olympics, which you can see from the Bungalow when “the mountains are out”, we also say this when we can see Mount Rainier, Mount Baker or even the Cascades.

Here are a couple more photos of the Olympics from the Puget Sound side of the Bungalow.


This surreal photo was taken just the other day.

Boats and wildlife are also part of the scene!

NOTE: You cannot view Mount Rainier from the Bungalow, however a short walk (or drive) to Constellation Park towards Alki Point will permit you to see this majestic mountain… if it’s out!

The bedrooms at the Bungalow have at least view of Puget Sound, as does the living room area. It’s really just a great spot to hang out and enjoy the views. Book your stay at Beach Drive Bungalow today!

Tonight’s Sunset from the Bulkhead

2016-04-19 19.53.49
We have had record breaking temps for April in Seattle in the 80’s. The lower level of the Bungalow, which has a bedroom with a queen bed and the rec-room with a full/double futon mattress, has been amazingly cool. Upstairs, after a couple days of 80 plus degrees is still comfortable without any fans.

We will have fans available for warmer weather and as well as bamboo roller blinds on the south end of the upper deck to help keep things comfy during our warmer months.

This pic is from tonight’s beautiful sunset.

Our Doors Are Open!

It’s official! Our doors are open. We are accepting reservations to stay at Beach Drive Bungalow.


We are still putting on some finishing touches. Yesterday my hubby was polishing up the front door. The home literally had an open door for most of yesterday.

If you or someone you know is planning a trip to Seattle, we hope you’ll remember us. Why stay in hotel downtown Seattle when you can stay in a private waterfront home just a few miles away?

Click on the link to the right for more information about renting this home or to request a reservation.