Pair of Bald Eagles

This rock with the pair of eagles is actually right in front of the Bungalow not far from the bulkhead – seawall. It’s not unusual to see bald eagles along the shore or up in large tree to the north of the Bungalow.

No binoculars needed to spy these big beauties!

Look what landed next door!

Yesterday morning, we saw an unusual sight. A Bald Eagle perched on the fence directly next door to the Bungalow!

It is not at all unusual to hear or see Bald Eagles as they really enjoy to hang out at a tall tree a couple houses to the north of Beach Drive Bungalow. If you hear a constant chirp, typically in the morning, you could venture out to the bulkhead and most likely see one or two eagles in the tree. However, this is the first time we have ever seen one sitting on a fence so close to home. The “AYC Alki Yacht Club” life ring is a part of Beach Drive Bungalow’s property.

Blue Heron and the Kingfisher

This Blue Heron is sitting just two houses down from the seawall of Beach Drive Bungalow. heron on fence
His timing is perfect as I’m in the middle of a painting that will be hung at the Bungalow that features a heron on a davit.

Just a couple days ago, a Kingfisher was perched on the fence next door to the where the Heron is today.

I was pretty close to painting a Kingfisher instead of a Heron… a lot had to do with the size of the painting…which, as you can see, is still in progress! We have some sunny days ahead where I should be able to finish the Olympics in the background.

2016-05-29 13.16.40

What is that?

Our latest purchase for Beach Drive Bungalow is something that can help answer the question, “What is that? …Is that an eagle or an osprey? …is that a seal or a sea lion? ….”

2016-04-15 17.25.10

We hope you get plenty of use discovering what’s in the sound and flying above with these high powered binoculars.

Commonly seen birds along Beach Drive

As I’m writing this post, a couple angry seagulls are chasing after a bald eagle. The cries of the bald eagle would almost have you believe that it was the victim in what ever had just transpired.

Living on Beach Drive for the past 10 plus years, I’ve been so lucky to see so many different types of wildlife.

eaglesBald Eagles often fly along the sound hunting for anything they can pluck from the water. I’ve seen them soar with fish and small ducks in their talons. It’s not unusual to see them in the tall tree that is at the base of Jacobson and Beach Drive.  The most I’ve seen at one time in this tree is probably three. When the tide is out, they’ll perch on rocks on the beach.

Kingfishers are probably one of my favorites. DSC_0627They remind me of the hummingbirds of the sea with their long beaks. This fella has his crown tucked back as he flies away with a meal.

The Great Blue Heron are also common here. They can be pretty startling if they land on the chimney and start squawking. The Great Blue Heron is Seattle’s official bird…something I didn’t know until writing this!


This is just scratching the surface! I’ll share some more pics soon of Osprey, Barn Swallows, Terns and of course, ducks!

Stay tuned for more birds of Beach Drive!